Freestanding Wood, Gas & Pellet Stoves

A freestanding stove can be a fantastic source of heat to many different rooms. Whether you’re planning on placing one in your living room, den, basement, or any other room — for your home or cabin — a freestanding gas, pellet or wood stove is a convenient method of quickly generating heat.

It’s almost impossible to find someone who doesn’t enjoy watching flames or basking in the warmth of a good fire. But in today’s environment of higher and higher fuel prices, nobody can afford to let energy go up through the chimney (and any fireplace owner will be able to attest just how often that’s the case). A stove is often the perfect blend of charm, comfort and efficiency, providing natural radiant heat that emits in multiple directions and brings that immediate sense of warmth and comfort.

Today’s stoves are so much more than what you may remember. They’re specifically engineered for clean burning (meeting or exceeding clean EPA air standards) and efficiency –- often through re-burning the exhaust gasses. Integrate blowers can also be a great assistance in helping to distribute heat beyond its origination.

Choosing the right stove

Stoves can be modern and clean and include a built-in wood storage cavity (see the Regency Alterra or the Enerzone Destination lines). Or they can bring back the charm of yesteryear and still have efficiency demanded by today’s wood stove users (like the Napoleon 1600C).  Or select a stove that’s a bit of both – available with a pedestal or legs (see Enerzone Solution) – and lets you decide which style fits best. Or select from nearly all these with St. Croix’s pellet stove options.

Builder’s Fireplace can help you choose, install and maintain a stove to fit your heating and stylistic needs. We offer with a variety of available styling options – from classic cast iron to clean and modern – while still meeting your heating and budgetary needs. And we’d be happy to explain how installing a wood or pellet stove can save you hundreds of dollars a month.

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